Carvings Gallery

Welcome to our on-line gallery of David's carvings. The photos in our gallery show each of his ships from several angles as well as highly-detailed, close-up views. In addition to the photos, viewers are provided a brief history of the carving and an explanation of the ship's purpose and function at the time it lived and sailed.

After you have selected a ship to view, you can click on the photo to enlarge it and then use your arrow keys to move through the various pictures of that carving.

David is actively carving every day and continues to add to his "history of the ship" art project. You may note that only a handful of David's 80 carvings are from Medieval times, so he is currently focusing on that particular era of shipbuilding to add to his collection. Expect to see interesting additions to David's gallery in the future.

Click here for the detailed list of ships or here for the thumb view
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