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David Warther Carvings

We are celebrating our first year anniversary, having opened in May of 2013. Our 10,000 square foot art exhibit as well as our unique gift shop have garnered the attention of everyone from school children to art enthusiasts and writers. DWC is located on top of Square Hill between Sugarcreek and Walnut Creek Ohio on State Route 39. Our portico and 30 foot tall clock tower, complete with observation deck, offer excellent views of Walnut Valley, the most photographed location in Ohio's Amish countryside.

David Warther, a fifth generation carver of Swiss heritage, is continuing his family's carving legacy in the center of Ohio's beautiful Amish country.

The carvings created by David depict the "History of the Ship" from 1st Dynasty Egypt, circa 3000 B.C., to the present day, and collectively form an artistic and highly educational exhibit that culturally enriches all who view these extraordinary works of art. With over 80 major pieces in his collection, David carves daily in his workshop to add to this unique and amazing display.

Please take the time to look through our website to better understand the scope of David's work and our vision. We are a non-profit organization chartered with preserving, promoting and exhibiting the artwork of nationally known maritime artist David Warther.

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